Saturday, 10 July 2021

How To Achieve Success While Asking For Friends Help In Moving? Some Do's And Don't

Moving is tough, you know and your friends too, it's not a one minute job where anyone can help you if you ask, it requires some of their hours to help you but when you know how approach you can a balance I know you don't wanna assist" but still “can you do it anyway am not saying this balance will work out with all your friends the real friends can help you out if there time permits. So here are some do’s and don’ts from Packers and Movers in Pune that you should know for achieving success while asking for help from your buddies, so let's get started...

·         Keep in mind it's a big favour.

You know what you are asking for it's not an easy and fun task. #Packing alone is monotonous your friends who supports you will ready to help you in that but you should know it's lot to ask yes. You know what you are asking for it's not an easy and fun task. Packing alone is monotonous your friends who supports you will ready to help you in that but you should know it's lot to ask yes. You don't have to eat humble pie but just let them know you know their help means a lot and you would appreciate it. Also if your friend's join you try to make it fun and plan for some after party and all.

·         Don't take “No" personally.

In your circle some of your friend's will help you and some will not, so what if some say no that's perfectly fine, even if their excuse is transparently fake don't take it personally. They may have their own reasons thinking on it and wasting our time won't help much it's better to be thankful who is willing to help and know what friend have what importance. Packers and Movers in Pune helps in all kind move long distance, short distance, corporate or household you can call them for help anytime.

·         Pro will be pro:

If your move requires pro then don't put pressure on taking friends help they know as much as you do about the move don't put their and yours goods at risk, there are certain item's and situation in which only movers can successfully move without damaging anything so, consider your friends help in packing up some general stuffs and leave the rest for the movers.

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·         Give heads up on time:

Don't be like your move is tomorrow and today you are calling your buddy that won't work give them enough time so they can settle their work and help out otherwise even the one who are willing to help won't able to due to prior plans. Before your friends and you begin with heavy lifting job read #Movers and #Packers lifting techniques require during move.

·         Don't centralized work on one:

If you already aware of your friend’s situation like having a long hour job or having young kids then consider their situation first and reach out for those whom you know can spare their time from their schedule.

·         Some help on weekends.

Weekend are the best time for a get together and packing together even if you are not able to schedule the move for Saturday or Sunday then get their help for prior work like #packing, #moving  packed boxes into one place, organizing, donating and cleaning.

·         Don't be hazy on what you need:

When you are calling your friends are clear on your request so that your friends know what to expect. Let them know that what they are coming for like for packing, cleaning, doing some serious heavy lifting job so they can prepare themselves. If you know what your friends are good at you can work with their strengths.

·         Provide some snacks and refreshments.

While arranging and leading this packing and moving job you will feel like a host, but be a good host by having the all the required supplies like water, some snacks for everyone. Take break when needed. You can add some samosas, cookies and tea, some wafers it will feel like a little fun time after a tiring job and you friends can chit chat. Your friends are out of space and your mum lives far away, don't worry park your goods safely at Packers and Movers in Pune storage and warehouse facility.

·         Show gratitude:

It's a big help and favour so beside a verbal thank you, you should go for some after moving fun like for a movie, for a dinner, or pizza party, anything your group like to go for get together. If you are out of cash don't worry mail them simple handwritten thank you note and it was a great help.

·         Prepared before they knock your door.

Prepared everything on advance for what your friends are coming for, if they are coming for packing then organized the items you wanna move on advance, segregate what you don't need or never used into what you will going to need in your new home, as well as keep the packing supplies ready. If it's about loading boxes on the moving truck then check everything is packed well, labelled well and ready to move. Being prepared on advance will keep the pace and your friend’s won't have to do what they not sign for.

Whether your buddy says yes or not Local Packers and Movers Pune are always ready to help in your move.