Wednesday, 30 May 2018

How To Convert Your Scary Household Move With A Toddler Into An Exiting One With Movers And Packers In Pune

#Moving with a toddler isn’t easy, you have to handle their tantrum about not living this house; I wanna live in this city with my friends, I Love this park etc. kids are full with the questions and if our answers won’t able to satisfy them, then you know what’s the upcoming situation will be. This big change will be scary and unknown for your child and that’s why talking to them about what’s happening will relieve some of their stress, if you feel your toddler is sad about something talk to her. With so you have to concentrate on preparing them for the move without underestimating the things matter to them, if you do so it will make them feel like they are being neglected and you won’t have any consideration towards them. As a parent you have to examine your toddler needs and have to attain it perfectly and for reducing your stress related your #Household #Shifting from #Pune, I am going to tell you about some excellent tips.

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Convert you’re Scary Move with Toddler Exciting Using the Tips Presented By Packers and Movers Pune:

Must to strategize your packing process:

For strategizing your packing process make a list of things:

Foremost pack moving box of non-essential:

 pack your non essential household items foremost, so you won’t have to face any unconvincing afterwards, like pack off season cloths, stuffs you don’t want even after 2- 3 months of your relocation. Choose best and affordable for your move by selecting from Packers and Movers Pune Rate List Chart.

Pack your baby essential items at the last:

Prepare this moving box at the last so to spend your moving period smoothly; don’t forget to segregate the box from other moving boxes because these are the items which your baby requires during and after moving process. Checklist of the things which should be included in your baby’s essential box:

  1. Baby wipes
  2. Diapers
  3. Extra clothing and pajamas
  4. Their baby seat
  5. Stiffed animal and their favorite blanket
  6. Their lovable toys.
  7. Baby food and snack
  8. Sippy cups
  9. Extra pacifiers
  10. Bath items
  11. Carrier and stroller
  12. Garbage bag for their dirty diapers
  13. Prescribed medicines
  14. First aid kit and thermometer
  15. Bottles
  16. Their plates and spoon

Make sure you have plenty of bottles and baby food in your hand so to keep your toddler distracted from the tedious moving process.

Involve them in the process:

Involving them in #Relocation process will create a sense of responsibility in them and create some interest in them about the move. Keep your toddler updated about what’s going on, what’s next. Tell them that the new place is going to be super cool, you can make new good friends their too, tell them about some interesting facts about the new city. Ask them what they want in their room.

Continue with your old routine:

Maintain a strict napping and feeding schedule and try best to continue your old routine during the move. Consistency gives your children a key of security during such stressful moving process. Also you know keeping your baby on a schedule will keep parents sanity too.

Make your new home baby proof:

Check out any potential danger zones and materials and clear them out successfully. Some baby proofing home tips are:

  • Secure windows using window guards
  • Avoid tip over by securing your furniture’s
  • Keep magnet, marbles, balloons and balls away from your child.
  • Check smoke detector is already installed in your home and don’t forget to change its batteries too.
  • Use child resistance locks on drawers containing items like knives, matches, lighters, medicine and any cleaning products.
  • Use safety gates on dangerous areas like stairways.
  • Use outlets cover to cover your electric outlets.
  • Use this security points while you are unpacking:
  • Keep your heavy boxes on floor so they won’t tip over.
  • Check box containing fragile items and any dangerous item is packed securely.
  • Take a help of baby sitter or family member to baby sit your toddler on moving day.
  • Secure bookshelves, furniture’s and drawers to the walls.

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