Thursday, 1 February 2018

13 Tips To Put Your Leftover Bubble Wrap To Good Use: Packers Movers Pune

After move, when you will proceed for unpacking your goods in your new home, you will find lots of #packing materials which can be reuses and cannot be, so today we will be focusing on one of the packing material, which you can effectively reuse after your #relocation and that is bubble wrap. Besides thinking how to get rid of  them just follows these points.

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1. Store them:

 If you know that there is a chance that you may require this #packing again, then save your bubble wrap. Why to waste money again and by the same just store them in your garage or store room. Military families face frequent #relocation so, so just follow this step and save your money.

2. Protect your mail:

 You can protect your mail, by wrapping them in bubble wrap; if you are sending some fragile items them warp your items in bubble wrap and hence protect them from any damage during #transportation.

3. School project:

You can #pack your precious kids’ art and crafts in bubble wrap and can safely transport them to the school, in addition to protection it will keep it save from dust and dirt.

4. Protect your plant:

During winter season your plant can be damage because of cold winds you can save them, just before planting the soil in pot cover the pot sides with bubble wrap. Make sure you have created a proper drainage system by creating a hole in the bottom.

5. Recycle:

If you couldn’t find any suitable solution for how to use your leftover bubble wrap then recycle them, but before so check your community’s guidelines on recycling the bubble wrap.

6. Use it to pack your precious groceries:

Pack your fragile kitchen ware in the bubble wrap, you can even store your kitchen appliances in bubble wrap. This will not protect your items but also keep them away from dust and dirt.

7. Insulate your window:

During winter to keep your home warm, use bubble wrap. Bubble wrap act as a good heat insulator, just cover your window with the bubble wrap and keep your home warm. You can also use bubble wrap as a veil, use bubble wrap as a “privacy screen” in your windows of your room and of your bathroom.

8. Keep your accessories and shoes in shape:

Keep your handbags, wallets, clutches, wedges, heels and boots in shape just fill it with bubble wrap and with some crumble newspaper and store them as such.

9. Store your fruits:

If your refrigerator is full then you can keep your fruits and vegetables fresh, just store them outside the refrigerator after wrapping in the bubble wrap.

10. Donate:

Go for donation, by donating the leftover bubble wrap to the local communities who accepts such, you can also put them craigslist or free cycle to be pick up someone who needs them.

11. During shopping:

When you are going for shopping keep the bubble wrap with you, keep the bubble wrap on the bottom of the shopping bag so to save your glass jar from breaking and vegetables and fruits from bruised.

12. Give the leftover bubble wrap to UPS:

UPS stores happily accept such things and even if you give them other leftover packing material they will also accepts those, only the condition should be good.

13. Let your kid’s have fun:

If you have kids, then just let your kids explore their creative sides. They will surely find some ways to use bubble wrap creatively. And you know what you can also let your inner kid have some fun with bubble wrap, personally no matter how old I get I just love to tap the bubble wrap, and for some people it also act as tension reliever.

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